Advantages of steel castings

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Advantages of steel castings

Steel casting not only has all the advantages of liquid forming, but also has the unique excellent properties of various steels. In order to make readers have a more specific

In this paper, the steel castings are compared with the metal components and alloy castings formed by other methods.

1. Compared with forged steel parts

As the pouring temperature of steel casting is higher than that of ingot, the shape of casting is also more complex, and the control ratio of solidification conditions

Design situation

The ingot is much more difficult, and after that it is not processed by forging. Generally, the crystallization of steel castings is relatively coarse, hot spots and branches

It is difficult to avoid the looseness between crystals. Therefore, the properties of cast steel are often slightly inferior to that of forged steel with similar composition. But if the process of steel casting


The design is good, the solidification process is controlled properly, and then proper heat treatment is carried out

The mechanical properties of steel are similar to those of cast steel. State to state

The anisotropy of mechanical properties of cast steel is not significant, which is better than that of forged steel. The results show that: rolling steel

Generally, the longitudinal mechanical properties of the steel are slightly higher than those of the cast steel of the same brand, while the transverse properties are slightly inferior to those of the cast steel

The cast steel with good quantity is almost the same. At present, some high-tech products, in the design process of parts, often need to consider the material in three

The above advantages of steel castings are worthy of attention.

Jianyou fine industry

No matter the weight and batch size of steel castings, they are easy to be made according to the designer's conception, with reasonable shape and inner wheel

Parts with high profile, high stiffness, complex shape and insignificant stress concentration. In case of single piece or small quantity production, wooden mould (pattern) can be used

The production preparation cycle is very short. When mass production, plastic or metal mold can be used, and

With proper molding process, the casting has the required dimensional accuracy and surface quality. These features are difficult to make with forgings




2. Compared with explosive connection structure

In terms of shape and size, the flexibility of welded structural parts is better than that of forged steel parts, but compared with steel castings, it still has the following advantages



1) It is easy to deform during welding;

2) Difficult to make a streamlined shape; medium

3) The internal stress of welded components is high;

4) The explosive interface affects the appearance of parts.

Of course, manufacturing welded structural parts also has the advantage of short production preparation period, and, compared with steel castings, there is no need for manufacturing

Pattern and core box.

In addition, due to the good weldability of structural steel castings used in engineering, steel castings are often made to be connected with welding parts

Combined casting and welding structure, taking advantage of both.


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