Application of steel casting

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Application of steel casting

3. Compared with cast iron and other alloy castings

Steel casting can be used in many different working conditions, and its comprehensive mechanical properties are better than any other casting alloy

High alloy steels are suitable for special applications.

Parts subject to high tensile stress or dynamic load, important pressure vessel castings, and large negative pressure at low or high temperature

In principle, steel castings should be preferred for key parts such as parts of the load. The parts working under the condition of impact wear shall be high

Manganese steel casting.

However, the vibration absorption, wear resistance, fluidity and castability of steel are worse than that of cast iron, and the cost of steel is higher than that of cast iron. In addition, the stiffness

At the same time, the relative weight of steel castings is twice that of aluminum alloy castings.

Application of steel castings

Due to the above characteristics of steel castings, almost all industrial sectors need steel castings in transportation ships and vehicles

Vehicles, construction machinery, engineering machinery, power station equipment, mining machinery and metallurgical equipment, aviation and aerospace equipment, oil well and chemical industry

Equipment is widely used. As for the distribution of steel castings in various industrial sectors, due to the different specific conditions of different countries, the steel castings are not fully distributed

The situation may be quite different

For example, the United States has a vast territory, a dense railway network, and wheels are basically cast steel castings of graphite mould low pressure casting

Therefore, the steel castings consumed by the railway system account for about 50% of the total steel casting output. In addition, due to the long length of the highway,

The amount of steel castings used in construction and construction machinery is considerable, and the steel castings used account for about 16%. 1,

In Japan, the distribution of steel castings in various industries is quite different from that in the United States. Construction machinery and mining equipment account for 18% of the total

Right. About 14% of marine steel castings are used, and only 3.4% are used in railway system.

Another characteristic of steel castings is that the weight of castings can be varied in a wide range. The smaller can be an investment mold that weighs only a few grams

Precision casting, large weight up to several tons, dozens of tons and even hundreds of tons

There are many kinds of steel castings. In order to make readers have a general understanding of many uses, here are several main

The use of steel castings in industrial departments is briefly introduced.


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